To cooperate with us, we have developed a special concept from long experience to facilitate and simplify the cooperation!

See here our model of cooperation and the individual steps and special advantages!

Step 1, together we conduct a consultation on how we can implement your project and analyse what requirements you have for your project.

Step 2, We submit a concrete proposal with a cost framework for the project.

Step 3, If you agree with the costs and our ideas, we conclude a digital contract and start with the project work.

Step 4, We will be in regular contact with you in order to implement your project in the best possible way and to ensure quality standards.

Step 5, Once the project is completed, we will work out a feedback with you in order to be able to implement our quality even better and show you possibilities how we can further support you in your project or refer you to experts.

Advantages and special features!

If your project is a larger effort, we provide our project software, our communications Chat and our Extranet for data exchange with our team!

Through our wide range of partners, we have the opportunity to go directly into contact with our partners in order to support you with software solutions as well as problems!

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