Cyber and Corporate Security

The number of attacks is increasing!

220 Billions of euros in damage from cyber attacks

Registered cybersecurity incidents in Germany


Are you and your company looking for a secure digital as well as physical end solution?

Then RBTF offers you the right solutions with the CCS program!

With our experience at far more than 50 different event locations in the Emergency Medical Services since 2016 in and around Munich, we not only look into the digital world, but also behind the scenes!


Possible scenarios

  • You want to protect – yourself or your company?
  • You are looking for a website based on enterprise security
  • Are you looking for cybersecurity advice?
  • Are you looking for a secure communication solution?
  • You are looking for a software that brings protection?
  • You are threatened or feel threatened?
  • You need a website that protects you from censorship?
  • You want to move anonymously through the world

This is how we support you

The RBTF Provides solutions in the software field for cybersecurity, web hosting in on a secure, highly secure or anonymous infrastructure, as well as consultations around the field of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves against threats



Our solutions in detail

High Secure Webdesign

Keeping your website secure

We are the first company in the world to present a website on one of the most secure infrastructures in the world. Not visible from the outside, but highly secure from the inside. We achieve this through our great partner RED HAT

The right advice for your company

Would you like advice on cyber security? Then simply contact us, the initial consultation is always free of charge. Under the menu item Contact, you can go directly to our contact form or to our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you

Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity software

Reaching the right destination with the right protection

With appropriate cyber security software, endpoints such as computers can be protected. But it can also be used to control the monitoring of devices in a company. We rely on our partners Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab, for example

To communicate with each other as a team, you need software that protects you from spying or unwanted listening. Through our partner solution from Microsoft and Zoom we can offer exciting solutions

Secure communications

Anonymous webhosting in Tor

Security from persecution and censorship

Are you being persecuted but still want to share your views with the world? You have secrets you want the world to know, but for which you would sue big corporations? We are here for you and support you in your wish, because justice is what we stand for. Together we will create a website that runs on the Tor Browser!

Why does cyber security concern me?

While companies still work with partly old operating systems, software from past times and servers without data protection principles, hackers have an easy game! But not only companies are a target for attacks, more and more private individuals are also affected. See some examples of attack targets in the private and commercial sector:

– Mobile phones / – Tablets / – Computers/ – Laptops

You may think you are not vulnerable? That is a lie! Every person in this world, every company in this world has a vulnerability that hackers can exploit. You don’t believe that you or your company have one? I’ll prove you wrong! Everything that is digital is vulnerable and will be attacked!

Which systems are vulnerable and need to be protected?

Operating systems


The most popular operating system, Simple but efficient to protect! With software, settings and the right user behaviour


Many believe Apple is safe, but that is also a lie! Every system is vulnerable, because hackers want every secret!


A very secure system based on an open source solution and developed by a large community

End devices


These can also be attacked and brought down


More and more people own a tablet, you can protect them with settings and software too!

Mobile phones

Almost everyone owns a phone, and with software and settings it can be secured accordingly

Infrastructure and critical infrastructure

Public infrastructure

It is part of the critical infrastructure and can pose a massive security problem in the event of an attack as well as cause accidents. This includes traffic lights, power stations and many more.


They are part of the infrastructure and can cause massive damage to companies in the event of an attack

Public buildings

In public buildings, many elements such as heating, windows, cameras or alarm systems are centrally controlled



Can be intercepted and attacked

Video communications

Skype, Zoom, Teams and many more can be attacked and conversations recorded

Secure contact with the RBTF

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You don’t want to communicate openly, you can’t or you’re not allowed to?

Then contact us via our secure communication channels!

Secure channels

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