RBTF Business Consulting The New Software as a Service Customer Experience! (SaaS)

We are Best in MSP/MSSP/CSP Technologie Implementations and Consulting Services

Our Indirect and Direct Parters


All our direct Solutions can be purchased online in the RBTF.store! 

You can book appointments directly via the booking form so that we can set up your services and advise you

Cloud Services as MSP/MSSP and CSP

As a cloud and Managet Service Provider, we develope with a wide range of technologies from the cloud

In doing to build a digital Infrastructure, we use resources from a Cloud-Computing-Plattforms like Micrsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and IONOS by 1&1

Onsite Services

Onsite Services!

Good technical service is increasingly difficult to find, but with RBTF this is no longer a problem. From updates to digital remote repair and maintenance services, we can present everything to you as business customers

Cyber and Corporate Security

Together we as a MSSP look for weak points in your company and ensure Security with Identity and Access Management and Advanced Endpoint Protection Solutions

Public Safety Solutions


Solutions for public safety and critical Infrastructure, life safety and firefighting. Check out our great public safety solutions!

WordPress Webdesign

Web design and Security rethought!

WordPress is the most successful content management system with over 30 million installations worldwide. Our partner Astra alone has over 5 million instances worldwide with its most successful themes

All our websites are created with Astra by WP

Let us inspire you and get in touch with us so that we can build your web presence together with you!

Assistance for NGOS Association and ...

We provide support from low-cost to free of charge!

We as a company support your project at low cost or completely free of charge! Be it an aid organisation, an NGO, a foundation or similar, which serves the goal of helping our fellow human beings or our planet and is not commercial, then we, THE RBTF are there for you!

We develop simple websites and resource platforms for you free of charge. For more complex projects we will support you at a reasonable price!

Simply book an appointment for a discussion in our store/marketplace and you can get started on the same day!

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