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Home offices have been around for a long time and are becoming more and more popular. Especially in times of digitalisation and in times of Corona, it's hard to imagine life without it. With the help of good technologies, it's very easy


Together we develop your digital web presence, ikl. Seo ranking, member area, appointment booking, own e-mail address and much more!


Security in every aspect is essential for both private and business customers. We offer solutions ranging from simple security to enterprise solutions

Build Upadte and Repair

Installation of hardware. Installing software, maintaining systems. From computers to mobile phones and tablets to game consoles!
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Shop solutions designed with WordPress. From a simple store to a cloud marketplace with affiliate and benefits programm
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Logo Design

Simple logos to custom logos using a great software solution


Software for every type and size of business. Just drop by the Cloud Marketplace or ask us
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High Secure Webdesign

In this respect, we are the first and only provider on the market to offer this solution. A website on a very special infrastructure

Digital medical Solutions

Digital medical services, From emergency reports to secure mission communication and social intranet!
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A topic that is more topical than ever and is becoming increasingly important. Together with us, you can easily go through digitalisation and create change

Microsoft 365

Office 365, MS-Dynamics, Microsoft Azure,
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From the foundation to the software, from us you get a complete package that you need to start your self-employment
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Service Packs

The perfect additional option for every solution, from domains to e-mail options
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Staff Server

A server in the standard configuration or individually designed for you with all the applications you need in your team. From intranet to IT management software

Darknet Webdesign

Design and web presence without any censorship without compromise to bring the truth to light! (NO CRIME)

Public Safety

Whether firefighting or security companies, whether rescue services or AI for the police. we find the right solutions for you


Virtual machines, twingate connector, websites, software, storage and much more....
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Finance Solutions

Whether payment terminals or virtual solutions, we offer almost everything that is currently available on the market
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Non-commercial projects

Low-cost to no-cost assistance for non-commercial projects that help our fellow human beings or our planet!